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Why You Can Move On And Still Be Okay

I have moved 25 times in a little over 30 years.

This occurred to me last night when I was helping a friend pack up her things. And actually, I have moved quite a bit more than this...that is simply the number of places that I have lived.

It is a chore to move. But the chore is lessened by less things. Often I discover just how many things I possess that are absolutely worthless to me in the moving process. Stuff gets donated and given away. Sometimes there’s a garage sale if I’m feeling particularly ambitious.

When I have whittled down my belongings to what I deem absolutely necessary to travel with to my next abode, then the packing begins. I have learned that good packing material is imperative. Labeling is not. It all gets stacked together in a hard-to-reach spot anyway by strong and selfless friends who show up to help.

Something inevitably breaks. Usually the thing wrapped the most carefully.

Moving day goes by in a whirlwind and suddenly, you are walking through the place that you have called home—even if only for a little while—and all of the memories come flooding back.

There are always good times and not-so-good times in every place, but to me it’s the day-to-day moments that bring that little lump to my throat. Standing and swaying with a tired, teething baby in the dark quiet of a nursery. Sounds of giggling and banging when teeth are supposed to have been brushed. Squeals of delight when papa arrives home from work at the end of the day (accompanied by a sigh of relief from mama). Sweet snuggles between dances in the kitchen.

Closet doors hang open, their emptiness a testament that life has moved on from this place. A lone cheerio rests in a corner. In many corners.

And as the door closes on the echo of all of these memories, you realize that they are not imprinted on this physical place, but on your soul. The leaving is easier now. Your hold is lessened on one more thing in this world and you take your empty hands on to the next adventure, ready to receive whatever is headed your way.


Such is life, my friends. While I have physically moved many times, I have moved on from many, many other things in my life. From one situation to another.

It’s not from bad to good or good to bad. Often we leave good to a different kind of good. But things do get broken in the process. You let go of even more things. Sometimes, the memories make it difficult to leave and we linger just a little too long, trying to embrace what was just a bit longer.

But there are always friends to help you through the move, aren’t there? And though the process is often messy and chaotic, you find that as you step into the new place…life goes on. And you have grown and gained things that you would never trade just to stay in one place.

Life moves. It moves or it is stagnant. And we are moved along with it only to find more of it waiting to be discovered.



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