Liz Roberson



When The Burden Is Too Heavy To Bear

Last night, we found ourselves traveling home in the dark after a day trip to another town here in Texas. The road we had taken ran parallel to train tracks much of the way and I found myself captivated by these vast machines carrying freight.

One train was so long that it was still passing us after several minutes, even with each of us moving in opposite directions. It was very dark out on those country roads and at times I could only make out a slight shadow of movement just beyond the trees.

The freight cars were swathed in darkness, but the engine pulling them contained a blindingly bright light pointing toward the direction they were headed. They moved quickly, but I knew that in an instant if the engineer were to see something in its path, he could bring them all to a swift stop.

And then, just like that, they would be chugging along once again, gaining speed and carrying on with their task.

The wheels in my mind began to turn and pick up speed as the thought occurred to me that these freight cars would never travel so quickly without a mighty engine pulling them along—if at all. They were much too heavy and they had no light of their own to navigate the dark and winding tracks.

The engine made it possible for the freight cars to carry heavy things through very dark places in the quickest and safest way.

Peter wrote to the church which had been scattered far and wide by persecution, some very specific instructions on how leaders should carry themselves.

One such exhortation said this:

“Since God cares for you, let Him carry all your burdens and worries.” -1 Peter 5:7

For years, I have heard this verse as casting your cares on the Lord. Literally throwing them onto Him.

But what would it look like for us if we didn’t do as the verse says? Might we be loaded down with cars upon cars of heavy freight incapable of going anywhere because the load is simply too great and we cannot discern the way? What might occur if we were unable to see something ahead on the tracks?

Stuck, lost…colliding with anything and everything in our path.

Everything changes, however, when we connect ourselves and all of our heavy load to the strength and power of a mighty engine. When we let God carry our burdens, worries, anxieties and stress, we can move and navigate easily through dark places because of His light and direction.

The bible doesn’t say that because God cares for us, He takes away our burdens and worries. It isn’t that we are no longer weighted down by heavy things. It is only that we can continue to live and move and have our being, because He carries for us all of the things that have kept us stuck and lost for so long.


oh, Liz..... What a powerful illustration of how we can keep on going when we let God have the control of our lives!!! You have much talent with words....God will continue to use you for His glory, is my prayer today!!!!
Excellent picture of how our strength is only because of His strength and power leading the way. Sometimes I feel at a standstill. Like why aren't I moving ,going forward in my life. I seem to never really have the answers to the standstill but have learned to trust that if I am following the Lord and trusting in His leading it will be just fine. Love this honey. Please keep going, you really are so talented. I know , I Know , I know you are destined for something beyond what you could ever imagine. Seriously, not saying that because I'm your Mother. I feel it in my bones, in my heart and in my soul. Continue to be a blessing. People may not express to you the impact your words or thoughts make on their lives , just keep being faithful. Your Mama loves you!

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