Liz Roberson



The More I Seek You


I just love this song. It's an oldie but such a goodie.

"I melt in Your's overwhelming."




I am a recovering People-Pleaser.

It's true. And there's a lot that I've learned about why I first fell into that trap--and there's certainly been plenty of counseling on the matter--but it's definitely not something that I'm very proud of. And, of course, I don't usually tell people about it. Then they wouldn't like me!

Kidding...but seriously. This used to be my life:

"Liz, jump!"

"Sir, yes, sir! How high, sir? Jump in place or in a specific direction? Shall I keep jumping? One foot or two? Should I remove my shoes first, so that I don't get dirt all over your floor?"


con spirito


Springtime, to me, if it were a song or simply a movement of a greater song, would be the part of the composition when everyone sitting and starting to fade during the symphony would suddenly begin to stir. The notes become a little lighter, airier, bouncier as they gain momentum and give the visual to all of creation waking from a long winter's nap.

People begin to sit up a bit straighter in their chairs as the conductor points and pivots, toes tapping and smiles forming as minor chords turn to major...the somber to celebratory.

And what once felt like a slow, sorrowful end to a story quickly becomes the moment of triumph as this hero arrives on the scene, embodying hope and making all things new...


The Rest


Yesterday, Husband was waiting in line to buy us some breakfast tacos at our local gas station. I know you're thinking "Gas station food? Really?" But don't judge. These breakfast tacos are sent from heaven above.

Anyway, while he was waiting for what seemed like an eternity for our Sunday manna, the man in front of him turned around and said, "Waiting sucks, doesn't it?" A rhetorical question, but Husband--being the gentleman that he is--replied in the affirmative with a shrug and a "yeah."

The man, noticing Husband's interest in partaking of a longer conversation to pass the time while they waited, turned to him and said, "Prison taught me what it's like to really wait."

Since the man was obviously going to be there for awhile and there's no way we would have let Husband back into the car without our tacos, he said the only thing he knew to say, "Oh, yeah?"




In music, there's this lovely thing called dissonance. It is the use of seemingly clashing notes or chords or counter-melodies to create a feeling of anticipation that things must resolve. Often this technique builds into utter desperation before finally landing in perfect harmony. And it's one of the most compelling tools used in music composition.

It creates intrigue. It tells a much more fascinating story than everything going according to plan. Truth be told, it makes harmony even sweeter when achieved. But don't just take my word for it:


New Digs!


Welcome to the new website!

I am so blown away by everything that God is doing right now. Every step of this crazy journey has been blessed more than I could ever have asked or imagined.

In case you're wondering, my blog will be moving here, but no worries...I'll be recycling some old favorite blog posts!

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We're in a continuous state of "Under Construction" right now, but soon there will be professional photography, music for you to enjoy and maybe even a few other surprises...

Thank you for your patience and constant support!