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Liz Roberson

It's hard to tell you who I am without sitting in front of you over coffee and maybe some chips and salsa. So do me a favor and as you read, just imagine us on a patio somewhere listening to seagulls and the sound of a street musician just out of earshot.

My earliest memories of music are accompanied by the scent of sawdust and snuff. The sounds of sanding surround me, and the whirring of saws and Pappaw picking on a banjo. He was a carpenter and a craftsman of all kinds of instruments. I come from a long line of musicians.

I can't even remember exactly the first time I sang in church. My dad served as a music minister and there is not one childhood memory where I don't hear the sound of my mother's beautiful singing. Taking my place as soprano to his tenor and to her alto was a natural thing.

As just a child, I began to write my own songs. Those first attempts at songwriting were priceless. My young and tender heart wrote of things like faith and taking care of our planet in such a pure and honest way. Maybe I was a bit of a hippie. Maybe I still am.

In 6th grade, I joined choir and continued all the way through high school, falling in love with classical and choral music. My love for music was magnified when I joined the youth praise band at church in junior high and discovered a new kind of congregational song: the praise and worship song.

Up until that time, we had sang hundreds of beloved hymns in church, but it was songs like "Our God is an Awesome God" and "The Heart of Worship" that began to kindle a fire in me that I never knew was there.

I came alive as I heard a myriad of voices belting these words of truth together with eyes closed and everyone dying to raise their hands but no one daring to go first.

Through this new sound, I discovered that I have a gift. Beyond any vocal ability or musical talent, I have been given a heart for worship. It isn't unusual for me to be moved to tears by the sight and sound of God's people caught up in a moment of worship.

It has been almost two decades that God has graciously used me to lead my brothers and sisters in quieting themselves to feel His presence that is ever with them and to hear His voice that is ever speaking.

Currently, I am combining my heart for worship with my love of songwriting. I have no agenda with my first original work other than to build meeting places between anyone--ANYONE--and God.

This process has proved challenging...not in the work itself, but in the work that God has done in me to make me fit for His use. I could write a thesis on that subject alone, but I will leave you with this: saying yes to God is always--ALWAYS--worth it.

In the meantime, I can be found singing the occasional cover on my YouTube Channel!

I'm so glad to have you on this journey with me. The path can be rough. Going with friends makes it so much more worthwhile. Stay step for step with me by subscribing to my once-weekly newsletter and we'll be encouraged together!

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